Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Harimau Vs Garuda

Title itself already explain everything. Full of drama is all i could say. Pasukan Malaysia, known as Harimau Muda turun dgn gagah di padang lawan at SEA games, final against Indonesia team. Overall a fair play, though there were times yg pemain Malaysia dikasari ***obvious weh!!!!*** and the referee pon salu xendah sgt team Malaysia, but sangat membanggakan adalah kerana "OUR PLAYER" main dengan penuh profesional... even da tergolek ***dan tergolek dan tergolek*** but we still boleh bangun dan mengejar bola. ***IM PROUD!!!*** Rasanya, kualiti permainan dan pemain2 bola sepak negara kita, Malaysia dah semakin baik. Why I say so, if kita tgk Piala Malaysia la kn, compare.... kadang2 tu geram jek tgk, pemain tunggu bola smpai kt kaki baru nk lari! Penah tengok cmni x? ***Dah tengok banyak kali kot*** But, now tengok kualiti permainan kita, they have improved a lot!!!

Game yg sangat sengit dan lama even got extra time pon nobody score a goal ***offside goals adela*** and end up dengan penalty kicks. Malaysia won!!! Tahniah juga pada pemain2 dari team Indonesia, kerana mempamerkan permainan yang baik. Bak kata Vince AF1, "Kita semua adalah pemenang, Tiada pengalah"...  Anyway, I have nothing much to comment but proudly say that We're the winner! Alhamdulillah, maybe we deserve it, our team deserve to win. Hope they do well in other games too. *** Semangat xterkata tengok bola semalam*** 

Of coz, Malaysians are really happy today, lots of discussion today and all about the game. Hehehe nothing else. The crazy match. Besides the story of our winning, there is a story behind the game that all of us xsangka @ Berita Jakarta. Sad story indeed...sesuatu yg kita xmahu terjadi walaupun di negara sendiri.

BERITAJAKARTA.COM — 11/21/2011 11:21:46 PM

Reckless action done by supporters of Indonesia. after sucessfully break the door of the sector III and V, apparently hundreds of fans who do not have tickets also break down the door XV sector of the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK). As a result of this unrest, dozens of people reportedly were injured, two people reportedly were killed, and six others had to be rushed to Mintohardjo hospital, Central Jakarta, Monday (21/11).

One body was identified as Reno (20) residents of Cililitan, East Jakarta. Another victim has not been identified. By medical officers, the bodies of both victims put into an ambulance which was parked around the door XV. Ironically, the two bodies were in a state of hurt. "I separate with Reno. I`m looking for him, but he died already," said Helmi, a cousin of Reno when met at the door SUGBK XV, Monday (21/11).

Helmi explained, when the victim and he have a ticket to get into the stadium. However, because the audience exploded at last they jostle each other. Helmi did not know what to do at this time.

Meanwhile, as many as six people who were injured taken to Mintoharjo hospital. "Today there are as many as six people who were hospitalized and suffered serious injuries in the head," said Matsani, one of the officers Mintohardjo Hospital Emergency Room, when contacted by reporters on Monday ( 21/11).

When taken to the hospital, an unidentified boy was wearing a red shirt Indonesia national team. "He suffered internal injuries," he said. Until now, he added, there is no family or relatives who waited for the boy.

In addition to these boys, there are five other spectators who are also undergoing treatment in Mintoharjo hospital. They are Husein M Arsyad (24), Ikman Suryaman (22), Dirga Santoni (38), Titi (36), and a man of unknown identity.

Im Proud to be Malaysian! Malaysia Boleh!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

5 MO

Assalamualaikum kwn2 semua. I've been missing this blogging thing, currently busy dgn mcari kerja, interview dan daily routine smpikan xda masa nk update any news. Now Nabilah hampir mcecah 5MO, alhamdulillah masih fully BF. Tp....even sudah 5bulan, perut itu xmau kempis~~ uuuu sgtla runsing dan mganggu jiwa raga hokey!!!

Progress baby da pandai meniarap, and her saliva running like crazy...adoiii penat btul nk lap. Pastu, da start nk main2 and kluar jalan ***xnk duduk dlm bilik, cepat bosan***. Dia da recognize familiar face to her and even kalo talking to her dia mcm fhm ape yg dikatakan. Alhamdulillah. Mmg seronok, tiap kali nk hantar gi umah bbsitter mesti peluk cium dlu dlm kete ***lama2*** pesan kt dia to be a goodgirl before keluar kete. ***sobsob*** Grabbing and touching things to mmg dia suka especially colourful things... kalo suka sgt tu smpi mjerit2 adoiii excited btul!

The thing with me is im feeling annoyed with the flabby tummy and the stretchmarks... Really want the old me..uhuk2 i mean physically. Tp itula pengorbanan seorg ibu kn? We got a baby along with the extras whatever it's call. I've tried few of slimming wear but ada yg xberapa sesuai and xselesa... ***sigh*** I've been thinking of trying PB, after reading a few review from frens and blogger. The price what is concerning me...heheh of coz la kn, gaji ciput tp nak cantik....hahahhaah cmne tu???!!!!! 

Anyway, after reading wanie nasir testmonial, terseru kejap pasal menda ni after for so long tertangguh....hurm. Nnt i inform whether or not i afford@get to hv this PB. 

Actually Im in the situation of 50-50 of my current job. 1stly coz it's a contract position, and the company itself in a transforming phase internally, having the company without any project for a year its my concern and also as my contract will be ended on early of february 2012. Should I or should i not searching for new job is really stressful and tiring, coz its already end of the year,,usually company tgh freeze their recruitment team for headcount. Xbyk sgt job yg ada, position yg sesuai and plus2 i've to consider the place near my hse@bbsitter hse@tmpt xjam. Huhuhuuh mmg xbyk. 

i've got a few interviews but all failed. It's not my fate. I got this last chance ***what i could say*** the position is really suited me well, but whether or not it'll be mine...nextweek i'll update insyaAllah. A goodnews, yesterday i've been assigned to a special project, to transform the company... the percentage that my contract will be extend is high.... Owhh..Allah, please show and guide me. Im hopeless without your guide.Ya Allah the most merciful i am your hopeless servant...