Monday, December 5, 2011

Everyone has a Limit

Entry harini lebih pada sesi luahan perasaan akibat dah lama aku pendam, tapi aku cuba olah ayat tu dengan lebih rasional supaya tidak terlalu emosional dan keterlaluan. Maklumlaaaa nama pon sesi luahan perasaan, berat sebelah pulak ceritanya. Emosi yang kurang stabil ni disebabkan faktor2 belum dapat kerja lain kot, so aku rasa agak tertekan sket akibat tempoh kontrak pon dah nak tamat, kerja pon hampir 3thn without any increment pon 1hal. Ok aku rasa part tu aku xpayah sentuhla kan, sebab rezeki tu Allah yg tentukan. *** Nampak sangat aku xbersyukur*** Astaghfirullah..... biasalah manusia, keinginan tinggi, tapi yang sedia ada tu xpenah bersyukur... rezeki kesihatan, kehidupan bahagia tanpa bala bencana, boleh beramal dan beribadat.... ***isk isk.... beristighfar jap *** 

Back to the point, aku mula rasa ketidakselesaan kt ofis yang maksima. Mana taknya, bayangkan kita datang ofis, untuk berkerja ***xboleh blah skema*** bagi yg ada kerja tu siapkan kerja, bg yang xde tu bawala diri 'google'ing, 'yahoo'ing', 'facebook'ing etc atleast laa kan. And if nk bersembang u better keep your voice at the lowest volume as possible. Haaa...the condition is different here, kalo sampai bukak pintu tu... da dgr suara bergebang. Ok fine, after 10-20 minutes it happen, diorg ni akan rest for awhile and sambung lagi bergebang. Depends on topics discussed, if yesterday is a public holiday @ somebody from the group was on leave, so the story will become interesting until they cant stop talking and laughing.

Its weird how they can maintain the energy to chat for a long time, i would prefer sitting down quietly at my place and do my thing, whatever it is. Nak kata aku pendiam tu tidak, but the office i think not a place for me nk chit chat cmtu. Kalo yer pon nk bersembang out of office time breakfast, lunch @ teatime. Diorg ni sangatla tidak respect others privacy, sebab bukan aku saja yg tak selesa but ramai... Sometimes ada yg tegur2 jugak, but how can we expect people to change? Macam kedai kopi dah rasa. Haihhhh

And another thing yang merimaskan aku ialah honestly, aku suka mendengar and sometimes i will share my stories gak. But I dont know why...this person really annoyed me. Salah dia atau salah aku yang menyebabkan aku rimas, I dont know either, sebab tiap kali aku terfikir pasal nak pergi keje jek aku dah demotivate coz aku akan jumpa dia. Macamana keadaan tu merimaskan? You could imagine sampai2 jek ofis then there go someone who'll wait for u until u stop doing ur work, just for breakfast. Xsempat pon nk bukak outlook... ***kadang2laaa*** and masa tu jugakla dia bukak mulut nk ajak bersembang. FYI, aku akan amek time, before I start anything. Aku akan diam beberapa minit.... I just need my time and the silence...

Bukan aku xsuka bersembang dgn dia, tapi aku rasa dia banyak sesi luahan perasaan, lebih beremosi, pastu asyik bercerita pasal husband so...aku rimas. Aku mcm jadi stress dgn cerita2 tu aku xboleh tahan. Memang dia bawak negative energy pada aku. So, kadang2 bila dia nk bercerita, aku tend to buat xlayan or bg respon yg biasa je without asking anything. Macam rude kan? But mmg masa tu aku dah annoyed sgt so, before aku bawak negative energy balik rumah baik aku stop dia.

Kesimpulannya, mayb diorg tgk aku macam org yang bole bawak sembang2 tapi aku xsuka sangat sembang2 cm 'akak salu buat kt surau' tu. Bukannya ape, aku xsuka bingit2 kot. Kt rumah @ bilik xpe, sembang ringan2 xpe, but bukan sesi luahan perasaan.... Im Sorry.

Maaf kepada sesiapa yang terasa, bukan nk burukkan sesiapa sebab xda nama disebut. Everyone has a limit.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Harimau Vs Garuda

Title itself already explain everything. Full of drama is all i could say. Pasukan Malaysia, known as Harimau Muda turun dgn gagah di padang lawan at SEA games, final against Indonesia team. Overall a fair play, though there were times yg pemain Malaysia dikasari ***obvious weh!!!!*** and the referee pon salu xendah sgt team Malaysia, but sangat membanggakan adalah kerana "OUR PLAYER" main dengan penuh profesional... even da tergolek ***dan tergolek dan tergolek*** but we still boleh bangun dan mengejar bola. ***IM PROUD!!!*** Rasanya, kualiti permainan dan pemain2 bola sepak negara kita, Malaysia dah semakin baik. Why I say so, if kita tgk Piala Malaysia la kn, compare.... kadang2 tu geram jek tgk, pemain tunggu bola smpai kt kaki baru nk lari! Penah tengok cmni x? ***Dah tengok banyak kali kot*** But, now tengok kualiti permainan kita, they have improved a lot!!!

Game yg sangat sengit dan lama even got extra time pon nobody score a goal ***offside goals adela*** and end up dengan penalty kicks. Malaysia won!!! Tahniah juga pada pemain2 dari team Indonesia, kerana mempamerkan permainan yang baik. Bak kata Vince AF1, "Kita semua adalah pemenang, Tiada pengalah"...  Anyway, I have nothing much to comment but proudly say that We're the winner! Alhamdulillah, maybe we deserve it, our team deserve to win. Hope they do well in other games too. *** Semangat xterkata tengok bola semalam*** 

Of coz, Malaysians are really happy today, lots of discussion today and all about the game. Hehehe nothing else. The crazy match. Besides the story of our winning, there is a story behind the game that all of us xsangka @ Berita Jakarta. Sad story indeed...sesuatu yg kita xmahu terjadi walaupun di negara sendiri.

BERITAJAKARTA.COM — 11/21/2011 11:21:46 PM

Reckless action done by supporters of Indonesia. after sucessfully break the door of the sector III and V, apparently hundreds of fans who do not have tickets also break down the door XV sector of the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK). As a result of this unrest, dozens of people reportedly were injured, two people reportedly were killed, and six others had to be rushed to Mintohardjo hospital, Central Jakarta, Monday (21/11).

One body was identified as Reno (20) residents of Cililitan, East Jakarta. Another victim has not been identified. By medical officers, the bodies of both victims put into an ambulance which was parked around the door XV. Ironically, the two bodies were in a state of hurt. "I separate with Reno. I`m looking for him, but he died already," said Helmi, a cousin of Reno when met at the door SUGBK XV, Monday (21/11).

Helmi explained, when the victim and he have a ticket to get into the stadium. However, because the audience exploded at last they jostle each other. Helmi did not know what to do at this time.

Meanwhile, as many as six people who were injured taken to Mintoharjo hospital. "Today there are as many as six people who were hospitalized and suffered serious injuries in the head," said Matsani, one of the officers Mintohardjo Hospital Emergency Room, when contacted by reporters on Monday ( 21/11).

When taken to the hospital, an unidentified boy was wearing a red shirt Indonesia national team. "He suffered internal injuries," he said. Until now, he added, there is no family or relatives who waited for the boy.

In addition to these boys, there are five other spectators who are also undergoing treatment in Mintoharjo hospital. They are Husein M Arsyad (24), Ikman Suryaman (22), Dirga Santoni (38), Titi (36), and a man of unknown identity.

Im Proud to be Malaysian! Malaysia Boleh!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

5 MO

Assalamualaikum kwn2 semua. I've been missing this blogging thing, currently busy dgn mcari kerja, interview dan daily routine smpikan xda masa nk update any news. Now Nabilah hampir mcecah 5MO, alhamdulillah masih fully BF. Tp....even sudah 5bulan, perut itu xmau kempis~~ uuuu sgtla runsing dan mganggu jiwa raga hokey!!!

Progress baby da pandai meniarap, and her saliva running like crazy...adoiii penat btul nk lap. Pastu, da start nk main2 and kluar jalan ***xnk duduk dlm bilik, cepat bosan***. Dia da recognize familiar face to her and even kalo talking to her dia mcm fhm ape yg dikatakan. Alhamdulillah. Mmg seronok, tiap kali nk hantar gi umah bbsitter mesti peluk cium dlu dlm kete ***lama2*** pesan kt dia to be a goodgirl before keluar kete. ***sobsob*** Grabbing and touching things to mmg dia suka especially colourful things... kalo suka sgt tu smpi mjerit2 adoiii excited btul!

The thing with me is im feeling annoyed with the flabby tummy and the stretchmarks... Really want the old me..uhuk2 i mean physically. Tp itula pengorbanan seorg ibu kn? We got a baby along with the extras whatever it's call. I've tried few of slimming wear but ada yg xberapa sesuai and xselesa... ***sigh*** I've been thinking of trying PB, after reading a few review from frens and blogger. The price what is concerning me...heheh of coz la kn, gaji ciput tp nak cantik....hahahhaah cmne tu???!!!!! 

Anyway, after reading wanie nasir testmonial, terseru kejap pasal menda ni after for so long tertangguh....hurm. Nnt i inform whether or not i afford@get to hv this PB. 

Actually Im in the situation of 50-50 of my current job. 1stly coz it's a contract position, and the company itself in a transforming phase internally, having the company without any project for a year its my concern and also as my contract will be ended on early of february 2012. Should I or should i not searching for new job is really stressful and tiring, coz its already end of the year,,usually company tgh freeze their recruitment team for headcount. Xbyk sgt job yg ada, position yg sesuai and plus2 i've to consider the place near my hse@bbsitter hse@tmpt xjam. Huhuhuuh mmg xbyk. 

i've got a few interviews but all failed. It's not my fate. I got this last chance ***what i could say*** the position is really suited me well, but whether or not it'll be mine...nextweek i'll update insyaAllah. A goodnews, yesterday i've been assigned to a special project, to transform the company... the percentage that my contract will be extend is high.... Owhh..Allah, please show and guide me. Im hopeless without your guide.Ya Allah the most merciful i am your hopeless servant...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My BF Story

Tbaca Piya punya blog pasal bf, aku pon nk story bout mine. Alhamdulillah, Nabilah dah mcecah ke 3bulan, begitulah jugak tempohnya aku BF nabilah. Syukur aku dapat BF exclusive, without any FM involvve. Lucky me...and pity them to those yg xberapa bernasib baik. Before bersalin aku pikir nk BF ni cm senang, but thru reading ade gak org yg ade problem... i wonder why kn... but actually xsemudah itu. You have to fully prepared physically, mentally, emotionally. Kiranya kne berjiwa KENTAL la kan sebab banyak dugaan yang akan mendatang, kita xketahui. Mayb not now but later...who knows.

As I said just now, awlnya aku mmg xde problem utk BF nabilah, but now...aku sudah mula kusut bila nabilah xnak menyusu. Direct BF mmg dia boleh terima but not by bottle. Mayb sebab da sedap menyusu badan sminggu lebih time cuti raya hari tu. Kesian la kt pengasuh dia, nk menghadap si kecik ni yg kalo mnangis hhuhuh sgt nyaring skali suaranya. Aku dapat bayangkan... Adusss sedey tu aku pikir2 balik nabilah xmyusu. Bayangkanla...aku anta dia pukul 10, amek dalam kol 6++ yang diminum cuma 1botol,2oz susu... biasanya bulan puasa, kalo aku anta kol 10 sampai kol 5cmtu abesla 3botol. ***jgn tnya apsal g keje kol 10 ahahha***

Seriously sikit dia minum. Aku sebagai ibu ni, xda la rasa tguris hati ke hape, cuma risaula kan dia xmau minum susu botol. Tu pon bila dia dh betul2 lapar br minum. Tiap kali amek dia, dia dah knal kan ibu dia...mula la buat muka sedey...nangis. Sedey kne tinggal, rindu kat ibu. Aku cm nk mnetes air mata ***uuhuhu syahdu weh, touching tu*** Tp kne kental la kn, xkan nk mnangis kt umah pengasuh tu pulak kan?! Sengal jek~ Sian kt nabilah, dia xmau accept botol. Aku try baca kt forum susu ibu, dia suggest bg gak, but try bberapa approach la.

1) Guna botol tapi disusukan oleh orang selain ibu. Sebabnya baby dah set yang bila dia dgn ibu, dia akan direct BF + texture nipple tu dia dh tau.

2) Change bottle nipple kepada nipple latex leper. Dikatakan ia seakan2 nipple semulajadi. Havent try yet...

3) Cup feeding but ada a few kata baby xkenyang. I dont know...x try lg.

Ada pulak org yg suggest suruh bg FM, WT* hahha xmcarut ok... bukan aku mrendah2kan FM ni tapi rasanya belum terdesak lg kot and problem tu sebenarnya with bottle nipple and xde kaitan dgn susu pon. Sebab Nabilah menyusu spt biasa bila direct BF, and gudnews is lebih kerap dari selalu...mayb terlalu lapar. Boleh kata about an hour and so...dia akan menyusu. ***Ibu's Gudgirl mmg bijak*** Hurm masalah tetap masalah, pening aku xsenang duduk kt ofis tpikir si kecik menyusu tak. Anyway, i'll try 2nd method dlu, let's see how it goes. Hopefully and I pray that nabilah bole accept la kan.. Amin!!!

Hati tak senang adeihhhh

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kuruskan badan after bersalin?!

Kira2 sudah 2bulan lebih aku bersalin, badan 'opkos' da turun, malah turun beberapa kilo lg dari berat asal. Almaklumlah, cukup je pantang few weeks after that masukla bulan Ramadhan ni. Tu yg I lg 'selim melim' u! ***Over*** TAPI, sedar atau xsedar sebenarnya walaupon berat da turun, perut yg flabby itu masih menghantui. And paling menjadi musuh aku ade lah selulitzzz dan kawan2nya. ***I HATE U ALL!!!***

Seriously, apela aku nk buat eh. Adei kusut tu tgk hari2 depan cermin. Target aku nk berat bawah 50kg, InsyaAllah akan tercapai@ dah tercapai, latest timbang 50kg few weeks before. masa tu bawak Nabilah gi checkup, dimana babyku sudah pon mencapai 4.8kg...naik 1kg lg!

Newborn : 2.86kg
1MO       : 3.8kg
2MO       : 4.8kg

Memang padat la badan Nabilah skang, terasa btul bila dukung dia. Lenguh2 tgn...xpe asalkan Nabilah sihat! ***Ibu cayang baby small Ibu Muahhhhxxxx*** cite pasal Nabilah ke pasal aku sebenarnya. Adeih... heheh Harap2la dapat berat under 50kg, senang sket nk pakai baju2 lama. Tp kan, ade certain part of my body yg mbesar.uhuk2 wpon berat aku da turun. Tu yg merunsingkan, nape tjadi begitu??? Tensen gak aku! Aku mmg 'Pelanggar Pantang' yg hebat sebab part bengkung2 tu mmg hampeh aku nk ikot. Bole kira bape kali aku pakai bengkung tu. Mak aku mmg bising la kn tp dah aku xselesa nk buat cmne. ***Ngade lebey*** Skang br menyesal kn?! Hamek ko! skang Encik Nizam pon **mayb** dok runsing tgk aku dan teman baik aku yg flabby tu, so die tiap ari ingtkan suh pakai bengkung. Aku ni dok bg alasan *spt biasa* yg aku xde masa nk pakai, susah nk pakai dan macam2 lg. Huhuuhuuh Pastu ade pulak Encik Nizam 'ter'mention pasal Premium Beautiful ni. ***Jeng3x***

Pergh mahal jugak kan mende alah tu, bole ke guna time menyusukan baby, kalo nk gi toilet cmne...Haa byk la mende yg bermain kt fikiran aku. Sbenarnye ade jek member aku yg jd agen PB ni, even ada yg pangkat tinggi tu is my classmate ms primary school. Aku ade gak blogwalking kt blog@ FB diorg ni. Mmg amazing la testimonial diorg, just tgk pic diorg u'll be like 'I WANT PB NOW'!!! Begitu gak aku, cuma hegenya tu....adeih, perlukah aku tong2 duit smata2 untuk PB ni? Kusut weh, tapi mau santek cm KAMU,KAMU dan KAMU jugak! Yg ni sorg member blaja yg da jd agen PB. Badan dia mmg genit jek masa blaja dlu, and gained a lot of weight masa pregnant. Tgk pic dia after bsalin tu not much different, but after wearing PB perghh meleleh air liur aku weh, mantop tip top bdn dia. Aku pon nak.

Baca punya baca blog dia, dia ade mention something yg buat aku 'toing2' tepantul2 kt pale aku adeih. 'tiru macam saya... mmg trus aku terpikir dan terpikir dan tergoogle dan macam2 lagi. Aku ni mmg berat sket nk tnye org walaupon ade beribu billion soklan dalam pale aku. Org kata, malu bertanya sesat jalan... tp siyes aku segan sbb xdela close dgn dia time blaja kami fren jek kt FB and comment2 at each other wall. Sengal x aku neh???!!! Tapi, aku nak tau gak produk ni in detail... maklumla kuasa nk Santek tu kuat sgt. Plus, aku nmpk something about 'reduce celullite & stretchmarks' and PB is wearable anywhere. Hurm...

Betul gak kata encik Nizam, skang bole la aku xpakai bengkung, raya nnt macamana? Mkn macam2 smpi langgar pantang...flabby tummy pon bertambah dan berleluasa. Adeih.... Tulung2!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ulasan Barangan Keperluan Bayi & Ibu

Arini sebab kebosanan yang amat sangat, maklumla mood raya tu menerjah2, bukan aku kata aku eh...org2 kt opis ni. Aku? Adela sket tp xcapai tahap maksimum cm sebelum2 ni. Banyak benda nk fikir and uruskan, jadi aku adelah lebih dari serabut dan kusut. Disebabkan kekusutan inila, baik aku buat sesuatu supaya bole la function sket otak aku dr asek 'hang' je :p Arini aku nk komen and give some review on barang2 bayi & mommy's. Before aku komen aku nk jelaskan yang komen and review ni xde kaitan dengan yang hidup atau yang mati and it's just based on personal experience. The experience itself differ from one another, of course. Xde isu untuk aku mburukkan sesuatu produk, tapi mungkin bg produk yg aku xbape nk bkenan tu mayb diorg bole improve their product's quality and so on. As I've said just now, it's just a review as a customer and user.

Barang2 baby
Lampin Pakai Buang
Barang2 yang penting contohnya lampin bayi, aku guna PetPet. Aku ade bli CD but xguna lg, encik Nizam kata guna lampin pakai buang je la dlu, xnk susahkan babysitter.
My Comment : Alhamdulillah, Nabilah serasi. though this brand is cheaper than few brand yg available, syukur sgt kami dpt berjimat jugak and Nabilah pon xda rashes. My SIL cakap PetPet ni tahan lebih lama dari segi penyerapan. I applied nappy liner atas PetPet, untuk elak rashes pada mulanya, but without nappyliner Nabilah ok, kiranya my baby's skin tu xbegitu sensitif. At 2MO, PetPet bole bertahan lebih dari 4jam. And boleh dianggarkan lebih kurang 6-7 keping PetPet sehari.

Clothes, Mitten & Booties
I would prefer a common brand that is pureen. Fabric and design very simple and nice. I would prefer socks than booties, sebab lebih grip and fit. Differ from booties tu, baby's feet tu kan very small nmpk pelik bila pakai sarung kaki besar.

Shampoo, Baby bath
I would prefer johnson&johnson. Sebab ade head to toe, i think xbyk brand ade this kind of sabun. I ade guna terderly (kalo xsilap) but change to johnson&johnson coz of the 'head to toe' shampoo, so lebih selamat sketla nk apply to baby's hair.

Avent, I xguna lg. Coz usually my baby myusu direct from storage bottles yg dihantar ke babysitter. Autumnz bottles, xbape nk fit dgn medela swing. bape kali dah susu tumpah... tensen gak. But it's not a big problem after u knew it.
My comment : Aku lg prefer bumblebee sebenarnye, sbb mmg sesuai sgt dgn medela but u have to buy another bottle medela bottle nipple utk simpanan. Coz, bumble bee xdak bg bottle nipple, penutup botol tu xleh bukak. Thanks to autumnz penutup storage bottle bole bukak, just bli bottle nipple jek.Aku xtry guna plastic storage lg sebab mls nk susahkan pengasuh tu. bole je aku simpan dlm tu, tp before gi keje, kne la tukar masuk dlm botol. Huh..leceh gile.

Sterilizer& Warmer
Brand yg kitorg bli adelah Jingle Jungle. Rupanye seakan2 Little Bean. Bli kat kedai Baby Manja Bangi. Pada mulanya, xconfident la dgn brand tu sebab dalam kepala dah aim little bean, pastu belek punye belek rupanya dia product Fab Mom, ape lg dgn harga pakej kitorg pon rembat.
My Comment :Alhamdulillah, functioning well. Cuma part warmer tu, xreti nk guna lg. Aritu try panaskan thaw EBM yg beku cm lmbt rendam dgn air panas suam jek, lg cepat. Mne xnya, anak da mrengek2 nk susu, xsempat la nk tunggu warmer tu.

Travel system
Aldo Ego car seat, bole pakai from newborn until 4YO (0-18kg). Kenapa kitorg pilih carseat ni? Mende ni mmg kitorg survey lama la... nak cari carseat yg convertible and can be used longer. For baby and toddler. My Comment : Mmg sesuai dgn citarasa, and price is reasonable (murah gak sebenarnya compared to other brand). Masa pregnant tu gila dgn combination kaler merah hitam, and luckily they have these colour. Yg ni kitorg kne book sbb terlalu laku kt one baby world. heheh and now baby love to sit and sleep kat carseat ni, mayb comfortable kot.

 For stroller, kitorg mmg xde idea nk bli camane but what we have in mind is it must be something that can fit into kelisa. Can u imagine? It's like we hv few choices only. Usually baby stroller tu mmg big in size except yg 2 in 1 which is more expensive than what we expected. Coz we already hv carseat, we just need the stroller alone. Desperately finding one, and at desperate moment masa tu tgh shopping and baby is sleeping, tgn mmg da lenguh la nk dukung, we got this stroller from sweetcheery.
My Comment : A very simple yet convenient for our baby. About RM300++ jugakla. But ayah will do anything for our baby, and there goes his money =p

Enough with baby's stuff though there are a few yg aku xstory lg, but up there are the important one that I remember. And now, mommy's thing to share.

Medela Swing is the choice. Puas dah survey, coz of 1st timer so what I did is cari comment org pasal Bpump. Ramai yg suggest spectra juga, and begitu rmi yg puas hati dgn Medela. As this is a present from Encik Nizam, i cant demand more but be more thankful for the gift. ***Nk kua duit sdiri pon xbape nk mampu kan*** heheh
My Comment : luckily, i got this friend now. I can pump anywhere. Pada aku mmg berbaloi ade Swing, Freestyle xyah cakap la. But for beginner like me, Swing pon da cukup sbb mula2 production susu kurang. So mmg sesuai sgt. And pada aku, xdela amek masa byk sgt if kita da get used dgn pump ni. Recommended!

Nursing bra
I have a few brand yang I dah cuba and guna. From Mothercare, Fabulous Mom and Autumnz. Mothercare I bli masa pregnant, and the price most expensive from other brand I got. Sebaik guna duit sdiri hehehe. Fabulous mom I bought yg padded 'Lydia Multiway', 'Kelly' and sleep bra 'Sarah' which I hv a lot in stock =p Then, I bought Autumnz from one baby world online shop time pantang.
My comment : I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sarah sleep Bra, i have more than 5 pieces oredi. Sgt2 selesa. Even I wear at work hahaha Kelly is 2nd and Lydia I wear just few time. Xselesa pakai time breast overload. Sakit~~ All are from Fab Mom! Thumbs Up!!! Price pon mmg reasonable. Mothercare nursing bra is  like kelly type and they are ranked same as Kelly. Colour yg ade black and white. So-so je... xattractive. =p Then, the last and I will never buy this brand again **for nursing bra** is Autumnz. The design sama mcm 'Sarah' sleepbra but kain tu cepat longgar after u breastfeed ur baby/pump. Mayb material kain, and mine yg 1 tu da koyak sket hurm... pity, material kain dia sgt mudah koyak.

Aku bli tungku moden and sgt2 berguna dikala pantang and after.
My comment : Mmg recommended! just panaskan for few minutes and the da boleh guna. Not only me, my family pon turut guna if ade sengal2 bdn org cramp.

Set Bersalin
Aku bli Nona Roguy. Yg aku da try pil phytonatal, minyak serbanika, rempah mandian dgn air akar kayu.
My comment: buat sesapa yg mmg sembelit or xlawas even before pregnant lg cm aku bagus makan ni. Mmg mudah ler sisa toksik tu keluar. Perut pon sedap je sepanjang pantang. Aku makan ni after 2weeks bersalin, takut efek baby but Alhamdulillah baby ok =) Air akar kayu tu aku telan je, buat panas badan.

Aku pon da xde idea dah nk tulis ape. Kalo nk tnye pape boleh komen. Hehhe nk keluar bli brg jap =p Daaa..~

Monday, August 22, 2011

Puasa & Raya

Kita combine skali la yerk cite posa dan raya tuk tahun ni. Actually pre raya story heheh.  Alhamdulillah Syukur tahun ni dapat lagi bertemu Ramadhan. Tapi yang sedeynya ibadat Ramadhan tahun ni, xdapat nk beribadat khusyuk 100% and tarawih pon xdapat nk buat even for a day. Sedey sketla tp syukur dapat bertemu Ramadhan, begitu byk keberkatan pd bulan ni. Buat yang wajib tu pon kalo dapat buat syukur sgt. Bila dah ada anak kecik ni, terbatas sket pergerakan, bukan nk jadikan alasan. Tapi lumrah kan... masa kita byk ditumpukan pada si kecik.

Tahun sebelum2 ni, xdela rancak buat ade gak pegi. Yg bestnya time buat kuih raya, masak2 untuk berbuka puasa. Mmg boleh kata, satu ape pon xbuat. ibadatnya idak, apetah lg nk masak memasak. Nabilah skang dah xboleh nk tinggal... Suka main2 dah... Kalo ayahnya xde, patah kaki la nk buat ape pon. Nk mandi and solat pon kne curi2 masa. Sebaikla ade encik Nizam yg da semakin cekap jaga Nabilah. Kalo x, xle nk berenggang pon dgn si kecik ni. Jap je merengek, eee manja btul! hehhe Sbaik gakla ade pak mertua & adik ipar yg masak2 utk berbuka. Kalo x, tpaksa mbeli jek kot. =P Heheh Baju raya thn ni, dapat gak beli..specialnya baju raya thn ni sebab baju ni senang diguna untuk susukan Nabilah nnt.

Persiapan untuk Raya, biasanya lebey excited beli brg untuk org lain. Biasa thn2 lepas pon mmg blikan bj utk adik2 and mak& abah. Saje suka2... thn ni InsyaAllah kalo ade rezeki lebey, ade la rezeki diorg. Thn ni, xtra sket, untuk Nabilah. heheh baju bdk2 ni seronok btul beli, tp...nabilah pon br 2bulan++ nk masuk 3bulan dah syawal ni. Saiz tu very limited. Setakat nk bli rompers jek untuk raya, erm ade jek yg dia xpakai lg. So xdela nk bli lg. Just bli 2psg je bj skirt cmtu, then Mak Su Shimahnya ade bg bj untuk Nabilah..heheh tomey2 jek bajunya. So 3pasang. Nk pki tomey2 sgt pon, nnt tomot2 blk. :p

Baju Ibu dan Ayah, err..ibu jek yg ade. Ayahnye sponsor hikhik. Maklumla nk myusukan baby kn, kne la sopan2 sket. So alhamdulillah jumpa gak bj yg 'available' in stock kt adrini's. Baju kurung la kn, sesuai la dgn hari raya. Bukan senang nk cr kedai yg jual baju kurung for nursing ni, aku ade jumpa a few la masa google2 for this, online shop. Yg aku minat sgt kedai ni, tp yg still available, harganya xbape mampu nk bayo hehhe mostly koleksinya mmg cpt out of stock! Laku... terlambat sket.Anyway, rasanya kedai tu mmg beroperasi spanjang thn, ade jek koleksi terbarunya. Aku mmg "LIKE" sgt style, fesyen and fabric dia. Even more, you all bole tempah utk jahit ur own fabric. Tu mmg aku tunggu, but mayb after raya la kan... Nk banyak kan koleksi untuk nursing, so that, xperlu la bawak botol ke hulu hilir, Nabilah minum fresh milk jek. senang!

Yang kelakar tu, dah la aku cr baju ni last minit, of coz la stock byk yg da abes. Aku tensen jap, sebab xde baju raya. Tensen lg sebab kne menyusukan Nabilah, xkan la nk gulung2 baju kurung yg labuh tu smpi ke dada kn?? uhuhuh ade jek org buat cmtu, tp aku segan sketla. Lg2 kalo pki bj2 yg susah nk gosok, bkomot2 ler jawabnye. Aku tensen, smpi encik Nizam pon pening layan aku ahahahha. Memang stress la kn, smpi rasa mls nk blk kampung. =p Maklumla xbiasa lg ade baby and menyusukan in public. Dah dapat jumpa ni, syukur sgt! Alhamdulillah. Thanks Encik Nizam heheheh =) Tapi sian kan kt encik Nizam, dia bli kan baju untuk Nabilah & Ibu, Ayahnya xde baju raya... Isk2 kesian. Tapi encik Nizam xmmg salu xsuka nk spend duit untuk bli baju2 sdiri. Ni la tugas aku, mbanyakkn koleksi baju2 encik Nizam. Bli baju@ seluar baru ni bukan untuk mbazir, pada aku...aku rasa tu untuk compliment diri sdiri dan org lain. Rasa seronok kadang2 tgk org pki baju tu lg2 pada hari yg special cmni kan. 

Utk persiapan raya yang lain, kuih dan kerepek mmg beli jekla. Then, duit raya xtukar lg. Tahun ni, barang xtra banyak sebab barang baby. Dok risau ni, bape helai baju la kne bawak sebab baby asyik muntah susu. Adeih... 

Anyway, to all frens & readers Selamat Mjalani Ibadah Puasa & Selamat Menyambut Syawal yg bakal tiba! =)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bila Baby Kembung Perut

Entry kali ni nk story pasal kembung perut yg biasa jadi kt baby. Alkisahnya, semalam masa ambik nabilah kt rumah babysitter, makcik tu ckp yg nabilah kembung perut. Dalam ati aku, mula laaa aku rs xsenang ati pikir nk buat ape kt baby small aku tu kn. Rasa bersalah sgt la kn, pasal aku yg mkn...anak yg kna. *** Sob Sob Sob***

Makcik tu nasihat gak kt aku, dia pon ala-ala mak aku lebih kurang sebaya jek. Dia suh aku jaga makan minum, jgn minum ais etc... pjg dia cite tp aku ringkaskn jek la. hehhe dalam pada hati xsenang tu, aku tgk la muka baby small tu...kesian btul. Mne xnya, bdn da penat tp xboleh tdo akibat kembung tu... asek nangis jek kata makcik tu. Bg susu pastu muntah blk... ***tu mmg biasa bg nabilah*** tp lg kesian sbb dia xlena nk tdo. Kesian anak ibu. Aaahh bsalah btul rasa. Tapi, Alhamdulillah sepanjang aku ambik dia...dlm car seat tu, dia xnangis... diam jek. Tomeynye!!! Da smpi rumah aku cepat2 simpan stok susu, trus ngadap die pas dgr suara mrengek2 kt bilik atas. *** Tpaksala kn tinggalkn dia sorg atas katil kt bilik, kalo x..mau rosak susu tu***

Then, tgk2 dia nk susu. trus bg...teringt yg makcik tu kata, nabilah kentut sikit jek. Hurm...selalu kalo aku bg susu bdn tu, mmg dia kentut aje mmanjang. Angin da kluar kot, tu yg perut lega. Time ni, kentut dia mula kua sket2...Alhamdulillah. Aku pon dok risau time ni, ade ke susu..sebab aku dok sebok mgepam kt ofis before balik agak2 dlm 430ptg cmtu. Gatal btul... hurm..lama gak die bkepit tu, pastu dia lepas. Masa ni la aku amik masa nk tuka baju yg kne muntah plus baju xsesuai pakai untuk malam...  kaki nabilah pon terasa sejuk. Aku tukar bj, then letak ler minyak telon kt pusat, dada and kaki dia...selawat2 sket and niat dlm hati moga baby small jauh dr penyakit mudarat dan mudahkan sgala urusan kami. Dah tuka baju tu, nabila merengek lg nk susu, kali ni...nabilah kentut banyak kali. Alhamdulillah. Even masa maghrib pon xsudah melekap lg. Xsure la lapar ke just untuk feel comfort Nabilah buat cmtu... tp dlm kol 8 cmtu, dia lepas and tdo...

Hurm, encik nizam blk lewat sket, around 7 cmtu. Then, tlg temankan berbuka kt bilik jek. Kitorg bfikir2 nape la Nabilah kembung@cmne nk buat kn?! Syukur sgt, semalam dia tdo lama... tdo kol 8, bgn kol 9.... then after menyusu and change diaper, tdo balik about 10, until 1am. Maknanya.... dia dah lega dr kembung. Aku rasa sebab aku mkn taugeh kot aritu...eiii sengal! Aku suka makan sayur, and pantang nmpk sayur aku akan makan. Skang aku rasa sedey sebab ade jek sayur yg aku xleh makan =( Anyway, td aku try search pasal kembung and ada few info yg aku nk share kt sini.

Punca : Angin masuk dalam perut bayi ketika proses penyusuan mgunakan susu botol, akibat menangis atau bernafas, pemakanan ibu
Tanda-tanda : Bayi tidak selesa, menangis sepanjang hari dgn sekuat hati, kaki ditarik ke perut tangan dikepal, tidak mahu tdo, perut keras dan terik
Cara untuk mengelakkan dari kembung : Sendawakan bayi setelah selesai proses penyusuan, penggunaan minyak telon, Tuam perut bayi dangan kerap, gripe water

Ni few info yang aku dapat, just nk sharing dgn sume. Skang aku nk bli tuam untuk baby smallku, online... cm bes jek =p

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

:: First Day ::

Assalamualaikum All!!! Pergh terasa lama pulak xupdate blog and mcm2 nk diceritakan. Today is my first day working lepas habis pantang and that means today My Nabilah sudah pun mcecah 2MO!!! Sudah besar anak Ibu....adadadada (uhuk2...) Just now br jek lepas mengepam, tetiba ade pulak kwn mengepam td, Cayalaaa...sempat jugakla dia share some tips on pumping and storing EBM ni. ***Aku sgtla cetek ilmu part ni*** Nk tnya gak, ape gaknya efek pd baby kalo kita bg re-freeze thawed milk? Ok, aku mengaku, aku buat silap tu..sian kt anak aku tau disebabkan kecetekan ilmu aku. Hurm... so, pas member sorg td sharing2 pasal experience dia td, and give few tips...aku tetiba rasa nk bli extra freezer@ i have to clearkn ruang kt fridge umah pak mertua aku ***kuang asam x? sesuka ati jek nk conquer space fridge bapak mertua aku***

Bukan ape... aku rasa aku nk bg anak aku fresh EBM, coz before ni aku simpan kt area freezer, susu beku... tiap hari bg anak minum susu beku, sian kt dia. Then mbazir la kn sebab susu beku tu xboleh simpan blk after dah thawed kn??!! Kne la aku talk heart-to-heart dgn masalah yg dihadapi... sebab stok susu makin banyak. Rasa rugi pulak aku pam ngam2 jek, coz in future baby akan minum susu lebih dr skarang. Kalo pam ngam2, susu akan bkurangan. Oooo aku sgt sedey. Tp kalo beli freezer br tu, sian pulak kt suami aku dok mlayan kerenah aku yg mcm2 ni, bulan2 bil mlambung :p Er..aku xkesah kalo duit freezer tu aku bayar ***nk simpan susu punyer pasal***tp tula, kne diskas dgn tuan empunya rumah ni hikhik.

Sekarang setelah jadi Ibu ni few things yg menjadi priority dan kerunsingan aku antaranya :-
  • Babysitter
  • Supply Susu
  • Flexibility Kerja
  • Makan Minum
  • Aktvt Sosial

Babysitter da jumpa, of coz sbb harini pon suda masuk kerja baahh. Hantar kt rumah org jek, risau nk hantar baby kt nurseri... hantar kt rumah org pon risau jugak, tp ape boleh buat. Harap2 pengasuh tu jaga nabilah cm anak sendiri... Pak Mertua ku yg carikan org ni, kebetulan isteri pd kenalannya. Alhamdulillah. Da hantar Nabilah a week before start keje, lebih mudah untuk nabilah and ibunya sesuaikan diri. Persediaan emosi tu, mau xnya bkepit dgn baby masa pantang, tetiba nk hantar kt org.Sedey Woo.. tp sbaik aku mengentalkan jiwa ini.uhuhuhu

Supply susu spt yg aku cite kt atas. Kerisauan aku tentang susu xcukup in future akibat aku pam ngam2 jek... hurmkalo ikutkan, susu memang banyak, tp tula.... xcukup space nk simpan EBM tu sume. Buat masa ni, susu beku simpanan ade lebih kurang 12 cmtu... number tu maintain jek sobsob takut nnt baby dah makin kuat mnyusu aku lak xdpt supply spt kehendak dia...Sedeynye =(

Kerja skang ni, xmjamin ape2 lg. Biasa la kontraktor macam aku ni, btahan ikut kontrak jek. Bila da tarikh luput, terminate la kn. Xde projek xde kerja la gamaknya. So...aku kne mula mcari2 lubang kerja yg ade...yg mnawarkan enviroment dan kerja yg flexible. Flexible cmne??? Cm skang ni heheh In-Out xkesah asalkan keje. Susah jugak kn nk cr enviroment aku redha dan tawakal, harap2 dapatla keje tbaik buat aku.

Disebabkan menyusukan baby, so xsume mende bole makan dan minum. Kne control, kalo x sian pulak kt baby. Masalahnye, xsure jugak ape yg boleh and ape yg x... Kdg2 kite ni teringin kan nk mkn itu ini, trasa kempunan la pulak bila da xle makan. Tp ape kan daya, pikirkan anak tu...xsanggup nk mkn. Ais tu still bole control lg, xsedap mne pon rasa ais tu...sejuk aje. Tkilan jek bila org masak2 kita xleh nk mkn...lg2 bulan puasa ni kan, da la puasa... pastu xle makan. Makan nasi dgn telur goreng jekla jawabnya. uhuhuhu lg sedey nk raya ni, ade x mende yg aku xdpt nk telan nnt??? kuah kacang??? adeih...ape lg? sabo jekla

Aktiviti bersosial semestinya xseperti dolu2 kan. Macam ler sosial sgt...huuhuh skang da xkua mlm pon. Takut2 jugak nk bawak baby kluar, takut dia mragam2. Sian jugak kt baby nnt xselesa. Tp smpi bila yer? Aritu tnya Mak aku, dia kata tunggu ler smpi leher dia tu keras. Hahaha kelakar plak cite pasal leher budak kecik tu, mlayang2 rasanya leher tu,lg2 bila nk tdo or tlalu kenyang mnyusu hiikhikhik

Memang best and xabes2 la kalo cite pasal anak ni, ada aje keletahnya. Xsabar nk tunggu baby besar sket, bole bwk jalan2 =)hikhik.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two Weeks Plus

June 28... That makes 18 days old my lil Nabilah Insyirah and alhamdulillah start BF since the first day. Of Coz la kena kan, encik Nizam memantau aku hikhik! Lgpon, napela xsusu bdn jek...bila tu rezeki tcipta untuk anak yg comel dan mungil kn. Bila tgk baby tu, trus rs nk BF jek walaupon before *time pregnant* xdela sesemangat itu. And kami *Encik Nizam and Me* pon xpenah decide and discuss anything on buying FM for our baby. Erm nk kata exclusively BF xtaula cmne term tu ade cmpur sikit dgn air zam2 time awl2 tu coz kne jaundis... Itu salah satu usaha jek. Tp progress, alhamdulillah...Nabilah behave well, and sihat wal afiat skrg. Kuning pon xde Alhamdulillah. 

Cite pasal BF ni, time pregnant dlu rajin gak baca pasal ni utk tmbah ilmu didada. Ramai kata 1st to 3rd day, susu badan xde, so kne tabah sket la untuk BF. Aku sgt2 bsyukur, atas galakan family and especially of coz Encik Nizam, aku boleh harungi semua ni. Aku rasa mayb sebab aku 'slow' sket kot hahhah bukan slow ape, cm blur... so aku follow jek la ape org kata, ape org buat..utk yg terbaik. Aku pon direct BF jek nabilah walaupon xsure ade susu ke x...yg pasti usaha aku tu untuk diri aku dan baby. Dlu tfikir gak pasal malu untuk BF ni, tp when baby ade depan mata...automatically i want to BF my baby! Kuasa Allah... hati wanita mjadi lembut bila jadi ibu kn.

Tempoh berpantang juga sudah mencecah 2weeks plus! And I can say it's hard without my hubby around. Sape yg penah merasai, tau la kn. Bukan nk gedik ke hape tp u hv spend a lot of time together ms pregnancy then for nearly 2months cuti bsalin tu...he's not around. Rs pelik sketla...but Alhamdulillah my Mak ade for the first week, and I hv to be independent for the rest of cuti bsalin holiday except for weekends. But gladly, ade la org kt rumah tlg2 masak and bantu ape yg patut...Thanks to my sis and abah. Xtcapai akal ku cmne aku nk survive alone, when it's only a week after bsalin. 

In about two more weeks time, akan ada checkup for baby and Ibu. Xdapat imagine nk bawak Nabilah keluar jalan2 for the first time...

Friday, June 24, 2011

10th June 2011

10th June 2011, date yg dipilih utk force labour.. should I be happy or not, i'm not so sure at the time. But Allah itu Maha mendengar doa hambanya. Segalanya dipermudahkan... segalanya bemula pd tarikh ini juga.

At about 5 something A.M. - rs cm xbole tdo, then... rs sesuatu keluar. I just still stay in bed, waiting until subuh prayer. But then, something happen... terasa a rush of water overflow, like im pee-ing heavily. My water broke. Air ketuban pecah, 'ter'lompat jap dr katil, konon nk elak basah, tp mmg da basah pon... Abes basah lantai dgn air jernih itu. Tkejut encik nizam dgn lompatan aku tu... hahha mne taknye, ape kejadahnye nk mlompat pg2 and time pregnant kn?! Encik Nizam pon decided kitorg ke hospital after solat, and I just agreed. Xsakit pon air ketuban tu pecah, but the contraction became more frequent.

7.30 or so we are on our way to DEMC. Dekat sgt hospital tu dgn rumah...about 5-10min je. Sampai2, encik Nizam trus parking at parking lot, xtrus ke emergency room... logik gakla kn. Aku xsakit sgt and nothing to rush. So, we walked in the hospital trus ke level 2, the labour room. Trus diarah ke bilik labour, then kalo xsilap bidan yg standby mlm dtg trus buat VE and CTG. Aku ingt xingt dah...rsnya mayb dalam 2-3cm da dilate. 

At about 8-9 aku diberi breakfast, ubat mbuang... after that came the water drip cucuk sana sini....and also bila tgk aku da sakit2 tu, doc propose to take a pain killer, bukan bius tu. Xsama.. heheh but the pain still remain. Aku pon xphm nape dipanggil pain killer. Aku dok bertawakal zikir sume, assist by encik Nizam disisi... Family aku telah diinform just after aku admitted so...mayb at that time diorg on their way.

1130 Nurse masuk bilik to cek my progress, pd mulanya expected to deliver at evening about 2-3 pm. But hati aku xsenang, maklumla hari Jumaat,tkejar2 pulak encik nizam nk solat lg. bdoa2la aku agar segalanya mudah. Bg aku, Encik Nizam dan semua org. Nurse ckp, da fully dilate. 10cm.... WOW cepat, aku pon xsangka, nurse xsangka, Encik Nizam xsangka...but Allah itu Maha Mengetahui segala sesuatu. Alhamdulillah, aku bsyukur dlm hati walaupon tgh sakit2 tu.. dgn harapan cepatla kesakitan itu berakhir dan agar Allah mbantu aku yg dah xbdaya sgt2 time tu. Nurse already in their position untuk assist aku. Push2... xingtla berapa kali aku dok push2 but... adela dlm 45min, br nurse kata...da nmpk rmbut. And at the time, doc masuk, I hv only about 15min jek lg untk push2... diorg mmg extimate 1hour je ke untuk normal labour, im not sure. Masa doc masuk, smgt sket nk push but still, masa tu sbb da xcukup tenaga...

1224pm Lahirla baby kedunia with vacum assist. Alhamdulillah berjaya normal without epidural or any of the drugs *except pain killer* Alhamdulillah, hanya Allah saja yg tau perasaan aku sebab aku xpercaya aku sama ada aku bole lakukannya atau tidak. Im not sure myself. Bdn terasa penat beberapa hari before bsalin, xcukup tdo. And lepas bberapa kali usaha push2 tu, aku tawakal je...

Dengan ini mempersembahkan :-

Nabilah Insyirah Bt Nizammuddin
Normal asst. vacum
10th June 2011 12:24pm

Alhamdulillah... Syukur =)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

0 - 40

Countdown : 0 Day to Go - 40 Weeks

Genap 40 weeks! Hebat... Xsangka plak boleh cecah smpi 40 weeks, and xsemua org bole buat rekod ni :p Anyway, today suppose to be my EDD but baby still 'attached' inside me. Susah btul nk menaip, xsenang duduk... trasa sakit punggung duduk lelama. InsyaAllah, harini jugak will be my last day blogging before masuk labor room as mentioned in my previous entry.

Perasaan nk di admit esok adelah tidak terluah. Tawakal jekla kan. Lagipon, xkan nk bg baby duk terperap dlm perut ni lelama, sdiri pon xselesa as baby is getting bigger & stronger day by day. Tomorrow encik nizam will start his paternity leave, just for 3days including public holidays, it's just not fair rite? Mne la sempat nk uruskan segala bagai urusan especially when it's on public holiday, JPN pon lom tentu bukak... ***ok fine, ade yg bukak on weekends!*** Xpela, Alhamdulillah, dapatla bcuti gak..

Lgpon nextweek Encik Nizam schedule already packed with training, mayb the whole week...not sure. Da lama xdtg keje kan. hehehe agaknya bosan gak encik nizam bkeje kt rumah. Atleast bkeje tu dapat cuci mata tgk pmandangan bbanding tperap kt rumah. And another thing, hopefully baby sihat wal afiat semasa and selepas dilahirkan, coz nnt duk kt umah my parents. Biasa baby kne jaundis@demam kuning kan... risau jugak. Nk ulang alik ke spital ke... hurm...sebaik xla jauh sgt. Harap baby sihat...

To M2B @ those yg baru deliver baby, ade ke perasaan cm aku neh... 'cmne la rupa baby nnt?' ahahha ikut muka sape... hehhehe kelakar gak bila pikir tau. Sebab cm trauma bila tgk org muka sama dgn kita. Ahahhah of coz la, itu anak kita tp...xleh bayangkan :-p Semalam punya la xdpt nk tdo, agak smpi kol 3 tjaga, tgk tv smpi lebam. Perut plak rasa xsedap... kencing rasa xlawas, kurang minum air kot. Asek gi toilet jek...

Ok, persediaan sebelum esok adelah, aku perlu bsedia mental fizikal utk berada di hospital, baca buku ape yg patut pasal baby and breastfeeding and so on. Oh... ade lg, make a final check beg ke hospital. =) Owh ade lg... mintak mahap bebyk kt sesape, **terutama skali Encik Nizam ***sbb salu degil***,  parents, family, fren, blog fren... and whoever yg wujud dimuka bumi ni. Nnt nk start online blog blk xtau bila, and update... InsyaAllah.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

1 - 39

Countdown : 1 Day to Go - 39 Weeks

Menghabeskan sisa masa yg ada. Itu jek yg aku bole ckp. Perasaan pon bercampur baur especially when the 'time' has been decided, and it's a no surprise anymore. but anything can happen kan? InsyaAllah, may everything goes well. Bila time dah decide, so actually all I need to do is preparing... physically and mentally. Kalut rasa fikiran bila pikir2 balik cam nk sit for exam or waiting for exam results, er...gitu2 la suspennya. Memang bila pikir2, aku prefer it would be a surprise sebab when the time comes, u dont even have a choice but to face it. Maknanya... aku tpaksa redha. 

Hurm...anyway, maybe its the only way, baby pon xnk kua before due. Too comfortable =) Anyway, i'll miss all the moment though... For sure! Especially when being treated nicely and have someone by urside all the time. Baby akan keluar xlama lg, InsyaAllah dengan izin-Nya. Am I happy or what??? Just wait until D-Day. Aku xdapat imagine how can I endure the pain but praying that Allah is always by myside, helping me out.. it's such a relief. Then, when baby da will I react... hahhah Im a mother, I've become a mother... and so...there she is, my daughter. (If the doc prediction is correct) Hurm... then 'she'll' be a boy. No problem...

Too much thinking pon xelok jugak kan, it doesnt help. Kne banyak2 berdoa, mayb bsembang2 dgn org...but aku duk rumah...encik Nizam pon bz keje, aku dok mlayan tv and lappy. xde chatting sgt pon, but if my sis ade online, br kaco2 die :-p Maklumla da hampir 3minggu woo xbalik rumah myParents...mati kutu rasanya. Atleast bila balik tu, dapat ler kaco2 org kan. Ipan pon da lama xjumpa, sobsob. Ape kabar ler budak 'Kagem' tu! Hoping to see them soon, as soon as baby da kua. =) Tapi nnt, bpisah plak dgn Encik Nizam... =( Owh... I dont like.

Harap dapatla encik Nizam spend time with 'US' baby & ibu after bersalin, even for few days... but cam banyak jek aral coz of ade tanggungjawab lain pulak. hurm... bila pikir2 rasa demotivated tp... nk buat cmne, just hoping that he'll be there when I need him. He's been my courage eversince the marriage and the pregnancy thing, tetiba xde adeih...pulak tu dgn ade baby pulak. Yup, I hv my family there to support me also. Thanks to them! But it's different when u're missing ur special someone on the important day. And of coz, baby needs her ayah too, and hope that though he cant always be by our side, jgn lupa jenguk kami nnt. =( uhuhuh dekat je pon ***minta simpati***

Besar tanggungjawab bila baby suda lahir nnt and dalam kepala aku dok pikir, cukup tdo ke nnt...even now pon xcukup tdo. Masa tdo pon da berterabur.... kdg2 kol 2, xdpt tdo lg, and sempat lg tgk tv and makan. bgn subuh, then xle tdo balik...tpaksa bjaga akibat lapa... then kol 8 da ngantuk pulak. adeih. Breakfast adalah roti @ biskut..ape jek yg ade. Encik Nizam pon tpaksa la telan ape jek yg ade...kesian. Da xterurus.. Tapi, lunch time aku jaga yer. Maklumla, breakfast light cmtu...mesti cpt lapar. Dalam kol 1 tu, makesure lunch is ready to be serve..bila encik Nizam nk makan, it's up to him sebab schedule keje sgt packed kdg2. Nearly 2minggu gakla encik Nizam teman kt rumah, WFH. Alhamdulillah. Adela peneman dikala kebosanan walaupon dgr suara aje kt bilik sebelah, dok bermeting2...

Esok will be 40Weeks of my pregnancy! =) Then, it's no more counting. Penat gak mgira. Kami pon just tunggu hari Jumaat je sebenarnya...sebab sign of early labor before due is like 1% (suka2 jek letak %). On and Off aje sakitnya, not consistent. Tu yg aku ckp % sikit. Pray for me, baby and us!Actually semalam after checkup, nurse pon da book our Friday morning utk aku admitted and we also hv met the admission PIC untuk reviewing our needs for the day, it's not a booking actually. Just a confirmation je. So, I'll be AFK and also my blog. cuma bole access FB saja. Okla tu. We havent tell anyone yet, even my parents, sebab awl lg. Then, mak will be worried sick sbb aritu ms doc buat VE and try to like 'force' pbukaan pon, die da cm nk naik angin. hahahha adeih nyesal aku btau. Anyway, nnt da btul2 ready, br btau...sebab ari jumaat, keje. Biala mak keje dgn tenang and me& encik Nizam settled down. <<<bak kata encik nizam hikhik maklumla, aku nih kalut aje! =p

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2 - 39

Countdown : 2 Days to Go - 39 Weeks

Mau kira lg atau sudah2 la tu??? Ahahha abeskan jekla 40Weeks tu kn, nnt aku bentila kira. 2 hari jek lg pon. Doc pon td bg aku smpi khamis jek kalo x...jumaat aku kne benti kira. Ok nnt aku stori detail.

Tinggal 2 hari, hari ni selasa. As mention kt previous entry tu, ade checkup on 7/ 6/ it means today. Yup today appointment at 245pm. Aku ade instinct yang aku akan jumpa seseorg... hurm, btul ape yg aku rasa. Aku jumpa Ina, my ex-colleague. Ina kembar. heheh masa checkup before ni, die attend few days before me, then aku ade instinct yg die akan dtg pd hari dan waktu yg sama kerana rsnya die pon da start checkup for every 2weeks and today is the only day yg xfull pas doc blk bcuti. 

Anyway, cuak aku adelah lebih kuat dr excited aku jumpa Ina. Sebab kompem arini ade VE lg, diseluk2...adeihhh trauma pengalaman yg lepas. Sampai2 kt DEMC, aku rasa gelap..pelik.. Rupanya blackout. Owh, sebaik xrush2 td. Xrush pon, sebab aku sakit perut sket before nk gi spital. Lambat sketla kami dilayan sebab kne tunggu everything ready, power ON sume. Agaknya dalam 3++ gakla. Aku kne buat CTG dlu, sementara tunggu doc entertain other patient. So, encik Nizam kne la tunggu kt lua sensorg. Xtau la ape result graph tu, and just after selesai ber'CTG' number aku naik. Hhehehe yeay, xyah tunggu lama. Tp... jeng3x, kne jumpa doc. adeih. Seperti jangkaan Encik Nizam, bgitu gakla ayat doc kt aku. Ingatkan da bsalin... ahahaha

Ape mau buat baby sayang ibu. uhuk uhuk :p Contraction pon xdela kerap but lebih kuat dari biasa. Camne tu? Doc check BP, scan...and VE seperti yg aku agak!!!! Doc ckp baby da cecah 3.2 kg aduih, cepatnye dia mbesar! Rasa before ni 2.65kg cmtu... ye ke??? Xpela. asalkan baby sihat yer. VE kali ni, mmg ler sakit. Tapi alhamdulillah, sakitnya xlama cm yg sebelum ni. Aku masih ade tenaga.... =) Alhamdulillah. 2cm da bukak. 

Then, doc bg time until this friday je. Sebab baby pon dah capai 3kg. and my due will be on this thursday. 9th june. If xde ape2 tanda lg, u hv tocome to hospital on friday and admitted. Hurm itulah takdir aku.So baby, please2 help ibu and urself...  mcm kata wonderpet, ape yg penting? KERJASAMA!!! Okay?! If baby nk kluar awal, I dont mind. But if xde sign lg, baby kne tlg ibu yer. Let's pray together semoga semua dipermudahkan. =) Anyway, everyone is waiting for YOU!

What will happened? Bersabar dan berdoa =)

Monday, June 6, 2011

3 - 39

Countdown : 3 Days to go - 39 Weeks

NOT YET. Heheh Jawapan tu la dok bg kt sesapa saja yg call/sms lately, coz they keep on tnye my update. Yup, agak lewat gak baby kua, but as long as blom overdue i think normal la kot. Nape yer ade sesetgh org tlalu cepat at 37w++ pon da deliver, meanwhile ada yg 39++ or 40++xkua2 lg. Adekah sebab aku kurang aktif bjalan, yeke? Rasanya bjalan jek, but xtaula kn rezeki masing2 =)

Barang2 baby and ibu da ready, just tunggu masa jek. Lastweek, ade 1day ni...perut memulas2 smpi rasa cm xleh nk bgn, bpeluh. Ingtkan it's the time... lama gakla bertahan, last2 kejut gak encik nizam, sebab xthn sgt dah time tu. Nk bersuara pon xdapat...bila dalam keadaan duduk, perut rasa lega still sakit. Mmg rasa xconfident nk jalan and rasa xbdaya... Siyesly!!! Sgt scary time tu, tpikir, aku nk bsalin da ker? Adeih, pastu sebab perut memulas2, aku gagahkn gakla ke toilet. Tetiba rasa nk mbuang. Dalam hati, jgn ler tkua baby plak ahahha.. merepek!

Pas duk dalam toilet few minit, pastu rasa lega...but perut still xsedap gak... amek masa stgh jam gak la nk bole baring smula. Aku rasa mayb penangan petai...uhuhuhuh gile btul! Menyesal pulak makan petai sebab rasa cm da suspen xhengat! Eiii... mmg sengal! Masak sambal udang petai sampai buat perut sedap, cmne tu??? ahahha sian jek encik nizam suspen2 pagi tu. adeih..

Anyway, semalam dapat makan mee rebus kt PKNS  yg aku dok aim lama... sebab tiap kali datang da abes@ tutup... sedey tau! Semalam, dapat mkn for lunch. =) And mlm dapat mkn cornetto aiskrim! WOW aiskrim tu! Bukan senang aku nk dapat mkn makanan xbkhasiat cmtu kan... encik nizam bg plak semalam, die pon dapat 1 heheh. Heaven gile... tp aku aiskrim abes cepat, so aku meleleh airliur jekla tgk encik nizam abeskan die punye... uhhhh rugi xbeli dua =P Tp, dalam byk2 yg aku nk mkn tp xdapat adelah maggi hikhik. Still NO buat masa ni. Aku pon xdela rasa ngidam sgt ke maggi tu, just bila tgk iklan ke cite korea yg asek mlantak maggi tu, mula la rasa sedap mbuak2 kan?!! Walaupon sbenarnya, xdela sesedap mne uhuhuhuu

Esok ada checkup dgn Doc. And aku rasa trauma sket la sebab mayb die akan buat VE lg.... adeih. Redha jekla. Aku rasa, baby just waiting the rite time utk keluar when everyone really ready to accept her kot. Sebab nye last week ade beberapa ketidakseseuaian kerana firstly, my doc was on holiday for the whole week, 2nd my brother and wife holiday gak ke bandung, 3rd barang2 kt rumah my Parents xcomplete lg (today will be complete)....

Hurm.... InsyaAllah ths week baby bole kua dgn happy as everyone sudah bersedia. Of coz, ibu pon cuba bsedia mental fizikal! Huhhh kdg2 suspen jugak kan =p Sampai mimpi2 baby da kuar hikhik melampau btul!

Yeah we go! 3 Days to go =)

Friday, June 3, 2011

6 - 39

Countdown : 6 Days to Go - 39 Weeks

Hari makin bkurang, pasni kira sebelah tgn jek. Adekah aku akan overdue? Tfikir gak...kalo ler overdue cmne ni? Runsing pon ade. Tp insyaAllah aku percaya, sumenya ada hikmahnya. Kata2 mummy Rose bg semangat kt aku, sebab aku kn dok tensen baby xmau kua lg. Then die cakap, jgn risau masa aku akan tiba gak. for timebeing, enjoy la masa aku dgn encik suami,coz after baby kua...everything will be different. Btul gak. thanks utk nasihat tu =) 

Anyway, bila da start cuti ni, seperti biasa xtau nk buat ape. Aku pon da start changing my occupation as full-time hwife smentara tunggu bersalin ni. Memasak, membasuh baju, pinggan, kemas2 ler ape yg patut... Encik Nizam still WFH. Xpe ke gtu? iskkk risau pulak kan. Da seminggu baby xmau kua2, aku lak rasa bsalah encik Nizam tpaksa stay kt umah. Cyberjaya - Shah Alam agak jauh la gak. Plg laju pon aku bawak, smpi umah agak dlm 30min kot. Encik Nizam plak mmg mpunyai rutin keje yg, in case of emergency aku rasa dia dapat reached home dalam 1jam gakla. Nk inform bos, cancel meeting and works ke, packing lappy, bjalan ke parking, in case traffic ok still in an hour gakla. That's why kot, encik nizam mintak izin bos to WFH. 

Tiap kali aku online ni, dok update FB and salu YM mode invi saja. Ade gak kawan tinggalkn msg kt IM tnye da bsalin ke?, wishing luck and so on... Hehehe tula, aku pon ingt aku da bsalin time ni. Tapi... baby selesa sangat kt perut ibu. Macam2 update kt FB, tp nk komen byk pon, nnt panjang ler org tnye. Nnt stress plak, cm org tnye 'bila nk kawen?' adeih.... :-p

Harap2 bila time nak deliver nnt, adela sign cm water broke ke darah ke... coz sungguh la xtau nk kira contraction tu. Lately mmg contraction makin kuat but after few hours faded rasanya. Tu yang xbape nk yakin. Mayb it's just not the time yet. Menguji btul! Hehehe 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Al Hijrah

Wah, semalam masa xde kije dok mengadap rancangan2 Astro ni berlagha aku tkujut dgn ape yg aku tgk. Actually aku mmg tunggu saat ni, yg mana TV Alhijrah dapat ditonton kat Astro. Xsilap TV ni dilancarkan hujung thn lepas, November@ December...xingt. But, masa tu xcollaborate with Astro lg. Sayang btul... coz aku cm ternanti2kan something 'like this'. 

Cam pembaharuan pada dunia penyiaran, and hopefully diorg pon siarkan something yang btul2 mendidik dan membantu dalam 'penghijrahan' content media massa yg sedia ada. Bukan senang untuk bertapak, tapi harap2 dengan support dari muslimin muslimat dan niat suci pengasas dan 'sesiapa yg bertanggungjawab' mengusahakan dapatlah siaran TV Alhijrah mendapat tempat dihati viewers. 

Macam siaran2 TV  lain yg br nk establish, mmg xbyk lg siaran menarik and org ckp, br nk 'Intro2' kt viewers and test market. Bagi peluang and support for the new change in media and product delivered. It's a good change, May all the effort they put in berbaloi! InsyaAllah...


Tangan pijar,tapi nak mnaip jugak. Baru pas memasak... ayam masak lemak cili api. Tu yg pijarnya. Kalo org melaka...'pijau'! Hehehe nk type pijau, tapi kang org kompius lak apekah 'pijau' itu. :p

Kebosanan tadi, sempatla update email keje, and br teringat bulan ni, there'll be a re-org for the company im working. My current bos ada inform that i'll be staying under him for some more years...(smpi bila???? uhuk2) but luckily, as Im in process of waiting for xyah susah2 pikir nk apply cuti and senang nk cooperate and inform anything to him. 

And more, there's something new about the system of attendance in the 'new enviroment'. Sebenarnya, previous company pon da ade mende ni tp as for our company yg still in a 'toddler age' byk yg xbape nk siap and in process of bertapak dgn kukuh.Hehehe (aku karang dgn ayat yg baik tau! Agak2 bole dpt bonus 2-3 bln x? :-p)

Ada few system yg i could say 'dalam percubaan', and not sure berapa lama bertahan. Biasala, part system ni..sometimes when it's new...not reliable. Unless, diorg beli system ni. Aku pon xsure... sbb tgk email, try link tu, xdapat pulak. Huhuhu... agak2 pas aku masuk balik keje pas bersalin ape lg pembaharuan pd company ni. I hope dapat few more projects! Tu jekla, xmaula masuk...and still goyang kaki cm skang ni. Tp Alhamdulillah la, sebab time aku nk bsalin ni la, da nk end of project. Nothing much to do except part consulting je.

Aku mimpi semalam, company aku dpt sambung project dgn customer ni lg. GLC kn, so...lucky for our company, got project dari company besa ni. Lucky... if we really got to continue working with them. Dalam tgh2 mood bersalin, bole lg aku mimpi pasal keje kan? Komited kah??? ahhaha mungkin bosan dan rindukan kerja (euuww~~~ aku ker ni??)

Wah bagus btul mnaip ni, rasa pijau da kurang. Rasa numb jek... :p

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

9 - 38

Countdown :  9 Days to Go - 38 Weeks

Tringat masa mula2 pregnant dulu... dok kira week and baby progress as baby centre bg email and updates. Awal2 tu bukan main lg jaga makan minum, then masuk 2nd trimester, selera ON and OFF...rasanya sama ada aku akan tapau mkn kt kedai, dinner awl...blk keje trus gi dinner oso kt kedai atau aku akan masak. Usually aku leh telan mihun. Tula makanan yg aku bole telan dan dok telan dr awl pregnancy. Nasik mmg aku kurang amek, sebab xlalu nk telan. 

And as the third trimester approach, everything seems fine.. berat pon suda mula naik, selera apetah lg. But still, aku memilih makan gak, but bukan makanan yg pelik2 hokey. Favorite food aku yg aku perasan adelah berunsurkan manis2 such as chocolate, choc cake, choc ice blend (uhuk2...nnt ade org marah), choc aiskrim... as conclusion everything that has a choc based. But actually kalo amek byk sgt choc ni, sembelit gak... uhuhuhu Rasanya citarasa aku before and after pregnant, xjauh bbeza pon. Sebab before pon mmg suka choc. Just keinginan tu lebih bila pregnant, cannot resist.

And now, im at 38W! As I mentioned dlu dok kira week, sekarang week is not that important anymore as there's only 9Days left from EDD. Can U imagine...9, yesterday rasanya...ade 2number and today, became single number! Like that doesnt scared u enough... "gile laa" (upssss...sori).... hahaha. Cant stand the pressure and thrill as the number decreasing. 

The sign??? It's like I dont care anymore, and just wait. Aku rasa pressure bila berharap dan berharap. Berharap yang baby keluar as early as 37W++ but, now nearly 39W and my gigirl still feel comfort inside. Tired of waiting and expecting a lot. Let's not put any expectation anymore. Kesian kt Encik Nizam has to WFH for days (since last week). Hopefully his bos and colleague memahami. Rasa bsalah kan? I think, I can survive on my own as the time comes, but mayb he's not confident enough dgn aku ahahhaa... sebab kdg2 aku bole jadi clumsy and hilang arah xtentu pasal. 

Bercuti adalah sangat mbosankan lebih2 lg bila xda ape yg nak buat, but thanks to Encik Nizam coz WFH pon really helping me to not feel that bored. Ptg if da selesai keje, ajak aku gi jalan2 kt tasik. heheheh atleast dapatla hirup udara segar. Nothing much to update, lately most blogger yg I follow pon,senyap jek... bosan pulak. 

My baby nk jadi June's Baby kot... Xpela, Ibu & Ayah will wait as long as baby sihat =)

Monday, May 30, 2011

10 - 38

| |||||||||

Countdown : 10 Days to Go - 38 Weeks

10 Hari... Xlama jek from EDD. Rasa cm xlarat untuk mnunggu tapi kne tabah dan positif! Nnt baby stress pulak, terasa dipressure... 'Bila mau kua'. Heheheh Rileks yer baby...take ur time, tp jgn lelama sgt coz we cant wait to see u =) Today is Monday, and encik Nizam declaring yg aku trus cuti until bsalin. (Mayb akibat kejadian tgolek kt tangga =p) Okla, aku pon rs, it's the time gak. Kt ofis pon xbuat ape plus...tgh cuti skolah. Banyak sket cite kt TV ni bole layan!

Semalam, Xbalik umah My parents encik Nizam pon risau, aku pon xyakin if anything happen...sempat ke sampai DEMC walaupon pjalanan KL-Shah Alam adelah dekat, but the traffic tu... unpredictable. Let's not take any risk. So, we spend out time kt rumah saja, and disebabkan aku xsuka tperap kat rumah...encik nizam ajak gi PKNS shah alam after asar, ada brg nk beli katanya, then bole jalan2 kat tasik (exercise sket!)
Time tu, we dont even hv our lunch yet... mmg lapo! Aku tfikir mee rebus kt PKNS tu, terngiang2...then request nk makan mee rebus. Sampai2 sana xla lewat sgt but kedai mee rebus favorite tu da nk tutup. Cm sedey gak la, sbb cm teringin gak kn! =( Sedey gile, rasa cm da xtau nk mkn ape wpon lapo time tu. 

Jalan punye jalan, ade la kedai lain yg jual mee rebus, (wpon dlm ati...xbape nk, tp redha) but...mee rebus situ abes gak. Tetiba ttgk meja sblh mkn nasik ayam and ayam die cm sgt yummylicious! Trus aku decide nk makan nasik ayam. (Ape punye selera laaa kn!) Not bad la rasa dia, but the thing is aku mintak drumstick...xbg pon. uhuhuh redha jekla. After having lunch at about 6, kitorg gi kedai yg Encik Nizam nk gi tu. Kedai buku Marwilis xsilap... Pastu dapat mkn aiskrim!!! (Yahooo...akhirnya encik Nizam bg mkn aiskrim!) Makan aiskrim smbil jalan2 kt tasik. Walaupon tmengah2 aku gigihkan gak, sebab aku nk cepatkan proses nk bsalin ni. Ahahahah 

Laju gak aku jalan dalam tmengah2 tu. Gigih! Harap2 da bukak ler bape cm... Dgn harapan bila smpi spital jek, i'm ready to deliver! Xnk waste time duk kt hospital and waiting... tensen kot. Da agak penat and tgk jam pon nearly azan maghrib, kitorg berangkat pulang. Masa tu trasa2 la cramp kt perut and pedih2 kt bawah tu, aku senyum jekla...***hoping for few cm opening *** 

Malam, aku rasa cramping and contraction kt perut and bawah...but sakit tu still bole tahan. Mlm td pon aku cm xdapat nk tdo sgt, but malas nk kejut encik nizam coz sakit die xbape consistent and aku xyakin dgn masanya tuk labor lg. Then, aku wait smpi this morning. Ok lagi gamaknye....then i'll be waiting. Huhuhuhu my brother and SIL da on their way to Bandung, but left ipan my dear nephew kt Temerloh, umah wan nye. Kesian, kalo ler aku sihat wal afiat leh gak layan budak kecik tu. Da bape minggu kot xjumpa! =( My Abah pon msg and call encik Nizam td, as I didnt answer his msg. (Xperasan...) Mayb, all tgh nerves dgn condition aku yg ON and OFF ni. Aku pon konfius... but hopefully the time is 'soon'...Baby, We're waiting for U!!!!

Allah, please show us any sign, if it's the right time! Kami redha dgn ketentuanMu... ***Doa3x***

Saturday, May 28, 2011

One Baby World

Just now, br balik dari One Baby World kat Taman Permata near Taman Melawati. Akibat tlalu tensen xdapat tdo and hv nothing to do kt rumah (though bole jek masak2 ke mgemas ke mbasuh bj) aku amek keputusan untuk mengeluarkan diri dari kepompong cewaahhh.... Mne taknye, dari kol 2pg xdpt tdo, aku mgadap ceiling umah, smpi kol 9 mata celik...badan penat, alang2 biar aku penatkan lg supaya senang tdo (harap2 ler).

Encik Nizam bgn jek tdo, aku pon mgadu kebosanan dan mengajak Encik Nizam untuk menghala ke Ampang coz aritu ade order sumthing kt One Baby World, then diorg inform yg barang dipesan sudah pon sampai. ( ada alasan untuk keluar harini!) Ok, encik Nizam pon setuju, mayb disebabkan aku dok mbebel yang aku xcukup tdo bla bla bla. Dengan breakfast yg xseberapa (nk cepat sgt ler kua kononnye..) kitorg pon kua rumah agak2 1230pm cmtu, before zuhur. Kejadian xdiingini, sebelum sempat keluar, aku tgolek dok kt tangga sebab nk tutup lampu nye pasal. Melutut la aku kt tangga meninggalkn kesan parut ke lebam kt bahagian tulang betis tu. 

Sangat careless, dan kejadian plak time tu..pak mertua aku ade kt bwh. Hadeihhh... sengal! Salah timing pulak nk tgolek. Sebaik xtgolek smpi bawah. pon xde ape, sebaik aku sempat capai pemegang tepi tu dan imbang badan sket. Aduhhhh...saket plus tensen plak. Xpe, semangat gigih nk gi amek barang! Trus ke Ampang, Hujan lebat xhengat spanjang perjalanan tu, kitorg redah gak (Semangat xhengat tu..) Senang gak cari, sebab Encik Nizam da survey jalan sume...aku jek yg dtg menonong, tnpa tau mne jalannye. One Baby World (OBW) tletak kt Tmn Permata, Dekat Area Giant tu...atas Old Town White Coffee, Level 3 yer... aku tgk level 3...aku da 'Alamak'... sebab bangunan situ adala dlm 4level cmtu, then jarang2 ade lif! Tapi... Jeng Jeng Jeng!!!! Ade lif...aku pon lega. Ahahha (Mau tcungap2 akak panjat tu kang!)

Masa kitorg dtg tu xdela ramai sgt org, just after kitorg da round bape kali, bpusu2 pulak org datang. Memang bes kedai tu, kira cm one stop center for baby & mommy stuff. Kitorg yang pada mulanya hanya nk amek barang yg dipesan end up buying few things (sian encik Nizam! uhuhuh aku plak laju jek decide and grab brg2 tu masuk bakul) Barang yang dipesan adelah Aldo Ego convertible car seat yang kitorg da aim sejak bape bulan dlu, plus harga nya cheaper from other shop. Car seat ni kitorg da survey, and ramai recommend, lebih2 lagi bila ia suitable for newborn till child of 18kgs (jimat!) then muat pulak untuk kereta mini comel cm kelisa. Hehehe =)

Ape yang aku grab? Nursing blouse and tmbah few lg CD for baby. Tambah lg 5, coz ada offer for package of 5 and 10. Before this ade beli Lunatots 10 pieces, but inserts xcukup if nk pakai utk malam. Then, tadi beli brand Autumnz (hopefully OK) jenis yg minky (bbulu2 tu). Die offer from RM190++ (xingt exact price) to RM 160++ (pon xhengat) ok la kn, sebab ade 2 inserts! Plan tuk guna time malam coz ade 2insert. Aku bli 1 receiving blanket kaler putih pink...yg sgt comel! (cant resist...cant take my eyes of it!) ahaha Ibu yg lebey kn??? Xkira, aku nak jugak..kalo kua baby boy, baby plz redha and behave je la yer. hikhik.

Ok... Itu saja, da kepenatan, nk mandi and solat. Encik Nizam suda bg sign utk stop bebel kt blog, gi solat!