Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Testimonial

As mentioned kt previous entry, this is my testimonial for PB product yg I dah purchase. PB? Apekah PB? Premium Beautiful... Product ni u olz bole la google and giggle sdiri, sbb I pon xexpert and xnak la explain lebey2 ***nnt ingt I promo lebey*** hehehe. Im just a customer and not even agent or member. And...this is just my testimonial on my wearing experience of the product. Just that. Kalo sesape berminat or nk tnye, I can answer just based on my experience and bole gak gv my agent contact. She'll be glad to entertain u olz.

To start with my testi, I story sket pasal macamana I decided to choose PB. At first mmg itu adelah my last choice as the price ***pd ketika itu*** I think I cant afford. I decided to find solution utk shape up my body after confinement as aku xbpantang dengan betul pon. I wear bengkung just a few days, then I xpakai pon cause Im not comfortable wearing it, plus bengkung tu mmg susah nk pakai. Bengkung yg perlu dililit2, and u just cant wear it on ur own! Susah kn? Plus its my first time wearing it, kain belacu mmg panas hokey! and for mommies to be, please be reminded that u have to wear something else on ur skin before 'applying' the bengkung at ur body. If not, mmg byk luka and pedih disebabkn u'll be perspire like mad, dgn kain panas tu.... i think ur skin will be mgelembung bcause of heat.

Masa tu mmg I know nothing, after few days, luka dekat badan...i just stop wearing it. Pengorbanan sia2 yg myakitkan. ***I think*** then, after completed ms bpantang, perut pon xturun sgt, still ada spare tire. Encik Suami pon suggest mcm2, at least he speaks up kan. But, byk product pon susah I nk pki dgn disiplin coz xcomfortable. Then, only I read about PB... but actually my main concern adelah pasal DUIT. Of course laaa... hege 1 tu da sama gaji sbulan kn?! Xke pening nk pikir. Mau tapi xmampu. Macam Itulaaaa.... Then, aku survey2, the product, payment type etc. Kebetulan, ade seorg kenalan yg juga agent product ni. I keep on msg, email tnya pasal product ni. Lastly, after dah deal pasal payment then only I met her. I bayar guna cdt cdt easy pament. Alhamdulillah. Dpt jugak beli. uhuhuhu

Why PB? Selain dr problem to shape my body back to normal *** mustahil kn? but atleast I want to be fit*** I hv problem with my period and body cramp after giving birth. Period @ darah yg keluar after giving birth...nifas, biasanya tempohnya about 6weeks mcmtu...but mine xtentu. Even after pantang ade jek darah keluar but dlm kuantiti sikit. Tu yg mengelirukn... I just feel my body's not right...ade something wrong. I also experienced cramped kt bhgn peha, pelvic area, pinggang ... mmg mengambil masa yg lama utk rasa selesa utk duduk atas lantai. I think its a normal experience for mommies kn...

After wearing...whats the different? Alhamdulillah, Allah's Will... after wearing the product PB (Long Bra, Waist Nipper, Girdle) my body posture &  shape pon jadi lebih baik, and even my back pain pon dah xde. I can sit properly, duduk bersila pon dah bole tau! ***previously xbole...sakit*** I BF my baby, but it's not that hard by wearing PB. Dont worry. hehehe

And now, after satisfied dgn PB set that I've bought, I purchase another thing... kikiki short bra! ***wink wink*** Br dpt smlm, then balik trus excited try.... Harini pakai. *** memang sesuai utk pregnant lady tau*** I skang da 34W (8mo)... mmg selesa bangat! *** atleast I feel different when Im wearing my usual bra n PB short bra...which is more comfortable*** Even the agent pon actually tgh bpantang, she's wearing this short bra and girdle for few days of confinement, then changing from short bra to long bra afterwards. hehehe semangat nk kurus :p

Im not promoting the product for my benefit, Im just sharing my experience.=)