Monday, March 7, 2011

Blogging, my way

Blogging...It is like writing an inspirational and memorable moment, history and also incident that cant be captured by a click of camera. The blog describe the blogger thought, behavior and principle of life. Every blog has different character and message. Masa my 1st tryout blogging ni, a bit excited to start but have no idea to write. At the time, there are few friend yang da start blogging, and way ahead. And then i think, why not me? But.. the problem is...what to blog? This is really important actually, mission and vission of writting. True, its your blog...but here you have readers, unknown readers from around the world. The way you're blogging might effect others. Plus, there'll likely be a 'syok sdiri' blog. 'Ada aku kesah!!!' ..wah... marah tu~ Well, few might say so, but writting something that gives others benefit is better than writting a junk. 

I've go through others blog, which some became inspirational and beneficial and others might give a headache. Why I say so, mana dijadikan tempat melepaskan kegeraman pada individu, kumpulan, political issue and some were more on their obses yang fanatik(btul ke ayat ni???). Euuuwww~ yang obses tu xtahan. Kalau baca lebih2 boleh pening kepala. Memangla it's their choice on what to write, but be moderate je la kot on the obsession part. hahhaha (hopefully I xtulis macam tu)

As a conclusion, when blogging, hopefully the blogger ada prinsip dalam berblog ni. Bukan saja prinsip but great ideas to share, renungan yang bagus untuk pengajaran semua, experience yang berguna untuk panduan hidup kawan2 lain...more or less something that is good to share with others. Agar kita sama2 mendapat manfaat dari setiap penulisan itu. InsyaAllah.
Blogging, my way...Stay tune!