Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend is My Favourite!

I Looooooovveeee weekends! I think most of us, yang bkerja memang enjoy weekends so much and even some yg tlalu enjoying the weekends were waiting to have public holidays to come!!! Every month, updating the calendar for any public holidays to plan ahead their 'cuti2 malaysia'! huhuhu anyway, everybody need some rest, away from workload, routine and their bosses hahaha. (Me too!!!)

At least after having the weekends, we have a new spirit of starting the new week kan???!! And I love weekends sebab, encik nizam pon xsesibuk weekdays and we actually have the quality time together with ourselves and the family. Mana taknya, nearly everyweek he has a routine-like meeting lepas habes normal office-hour. Kesian btul, rasa mcm xcukup rest pulak. But its his responsibility anyway... as long as encik nizam is enjoying the job okla.. furthermore the job and position now is better than before. Before lg hectic and stressful kot.

Plus, bila otak kita has been set that 'today is weekdays', rasa mcm automatically kita akan kusut and our brain already mess dgn schedule of to-do list. Kalo bercerita out-of-office scope, rs kne tune balik otak ni hahaha. Especially bagi yang sangat2 busy, and gladly i'm not in the list. I busy ikut season, end of keje pon ikot demand dari pihak atasan. hikhik... sebab I'm not totally in a management-based working scope, ade include few of technical stuff. (xbyk i said, based on demand). Most of my colleague was reporting-based, so a bit busy producing the report and statistic requested, which scheduled every week and sometimes, working on weekends just to ensure the report were completed by early of the week.

Baru2 ni, on saturday (12th March 2011), i have an appointment at DEMC for monthly pregnancy checkup @ my 27th weeks, The appointment schedule at early in the morning (9:15am), differ from before which was set in the afternoon. A bit curious at first but everything happens with a reason! I got to attend My BFF (Alin) Engagement!!! (Aaa hepi tersangat!!!upss tlebey suda~) heheh masa check-up @DEMC tu, xramai pon orang, xmacam bila schedule time at 11. Every month Dr Mazita akan scanned to see my baby's progress and updating my condition. (She's warm and friendly as usual! :) ). She informed me that i'm in good condition, baby in her right position. She even gave us to see our baby's face, so cute bile tgk mulut gerak2 macam tgk makan kot. Subhanallah. Its really amazing! But I got a shot, a 'kancing gigi' injection kata doc, sakit sket je masa mula2 uhuhuh. The next check up will be on 16th of April (which was on Alin's birthday and it was the date my grandma pass away. (May Allah bless her. Al-Fatihah). Xsabar rasanya untuk checkup seterusnya, coz at the time I'm on my 32 weeks (8months, a months away from delivering) :-) but the thing is, i'll get another injection of kancing gigi on the next appointment. (Adeihh..)

I'm really happy coz encik nizam has agreed to accompany me to Alin's engagement. (heheh  at frst rasa cm encik nizam kne ugut kot :p I said to him that, if he doesnt want to accompany me, then i'll go by myself...hahaah) Thanks to encik nizam, without him rasanya da sesat kot.. hahhaah I really xfamiliar jalan kat area Puncak Alam itteww!!!) Wah sangat2 hepi bila dapat jumpa BFF,  cyam (Siti Mariam) ms awl2 smpi kt umah Alin. Segan nak masuk umah sbb takut majlis da bmula, then decided to wait for cyam and Asyran (cyam's fiance). Really excited coz da lama xjumpa, rasanya nearly a yr kot, after they attended my wedding. Masuk2 kt rumah alin jek, greet by ayah alin, pakcik nasa and the family (mama, baby, adik..itu yg knal laa... abang,kne demam campak katanya sian! hikhik). Encik nizam and encik Asyran have to wait outsidela kan, xkn nk join kami pompuan2... 'berbincang politik' kata ayah alin. (Hoping that they both get to know each other well, risau encik nizam bosan jek, sbaik ade kwn!) Bila naik ke umah, untuk tgk alin, suprisingly da ada org dtg teman alin (sbb xtnya pon sape lg yg attend kn hahaha) Yg tau Ksya, Cpah and Iza. Kwn2 keje alin... Ini adalah hari2 bgambar, diorg pon excited tgk perut yg semakin mbesar ini. Hawa cant attend coz ade another event, family event katanye. Its too bad, not having her with us but I'm happy anyway to be there! I cant forget what alin kept saying, 'Siapa sangka aku akan bertunang...' heheh it's kind of emotional  for her, this day was such an emotional day but i dont want to drag and let her into the emotion cause she's suppose to enjoy the moment. Congrats Alin&Keri for ur Engagement!!! May ur wedding plan, went smoothly. (11/11/11 Alin mmg suka nombor 1 agaknya...). Here are our pic togetha2~ Org sume da blk, br nk bgmba aih~ xsempat bgmba dgn yg lain2... Encik Asyran xmau join kami bgmba, pmalu kot (sama mcm i la... pmalu jugak~ hahaha)

CYAM- ALIN - ME - Encik Nizam

Renungan tajam dr Alin ouchh~
There'll be cyam&asyran wedding on 4th June 2011 (4/6/11), Asyran & Cyam kind of sad we cant attend the wedding as its already near my due of delivery (9/6/2011). (Me too, wish to come...Im a bit sad but hope and wish will got to see them after the wedding! Do visit me yer~ hehhe) Encik Nizam, Baby & I wishing both cyam & Asyran congratulation (in advance) on their wedding, semoga dapat mbina keluarga cemerlang dunia akhirat dan mlahirkan zuriat yang soleh dan solehah. Amin.'

Effect from the shot early in the morning, my hand felt numb, a bit of cramp at first...and today it became worse i think. I cant even sleeping facing to my left side, if else it hurt and rs macam bengkak pulak at the point of injection tu. (Mmg effect injection mcm itu kah? or it just me? uhuhuh) Anyway, plan tetap plan... My family is having a picnic at Sg Gabai. Mak prepared all the food and they planned to hv bbq jugak. (uhuhuh semangat!) Sgt2 tidak disangka, Along & his fam in law pon planning to go to Sg Congkak! what a coincident!!! Then, they've change their mind to join us at Sg Gabai, it's nearer anyway. I havent brought anything pon coz mak has all prepared, except I bought kuih and ice as demand by Ina. Having so much fun, taking pictures sbb xle nk mandi pon kan (macamla kalo xpregnant akan mandi~~~I pmalu!) I think gmba irfan was the most captured! hahaha besela 'supa dupa Star' hikhik will be uploading the pic at FB soon, and kt blog a few jekla kot  :-) 

After smpai umah mak, every one was tired and sleepy. Mmg penat... Esok kerja pulak (dlm ati...mlsnya hehhe). I hope encik nizam was enjoying himself...maklumla da lama xda activity family gath mcm ni plus gi berenang2, dan santai... hikhik 
Enjoying every moment of the holidays with everyone! Alhamdulillah I have a wonderful family and friends. Thank you All!!!