Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pregnancy - Weight Management - Food Craving

Macamana nk maintain weight gain yg necessary while pregnant and how to control the craving of food? Arghhh sgtla susah hokey! As for me, after few months ni I think my appetite da mcm uncontrollable and unstoppable. Even encik nizam or my colleague pon akan geleng2 kepala if I eat or buy something else after finished  one. hahahha :-p Logik x mcm tu? Penat jugak fikir. Latest check up, at 27 weeks i've gained another 2kg and my baby weight was just almost a kilo... Actually I started gaining weight on my 5 months ++, with 2 additional kgs from previous checkup. Normal kah kenaikan berat badan itu? Chronology of my weight during pregnancy was (seingt daku laaa ... ) : 

Me before pregnant : 52kg
Me at 3 months      : 52.5kg
Me at 4 months      : 52kg

Hani - Ina - Me n bb @ 4months
Me at 5 months      : 54.5kg
Me at 6 months      : 56.5kg

Memang xbyk sgt gaining weight, but my concern is 2kg per months tu acceptable ke? uhuhu Puan Doc xde ckp pape pon about me gaining 2kgs per months. I hope nothing's wrong... The thing is my appetite ni da xdpt nk control, if i keep on like this then at the end how will it be, still 2kg or more? haishhhh... geramnye! Geram dgn selera makan ni. Da la pantang tgk makanan especially chocolate, choc cakes and kuih2 manis. Aarghhh cannot resist!

I'll make sure I've this stock at home! And encik nizam will always avoid 'this' section while shopping! ahahahah

Craving for this, but hv to control. Mahal kn :p

Choc Indulgence! Auwww

Kuih Bakar hv been my fav even before pregnancy yaa...

Mud cake..the moist, soft texture and when it melts in the mouth...owhhh!!!

Some say that when the baby is a girl, u'll be craving somthing sweet... ( I dont know whether it is true or just a coincident) but true, that i'm craving for this all. Encik nizam always advise me to take good food for baby...sometimes i get to thinking whether he's really concern bout me or the baby hahahah... Well, to be positive.. it's for my own good whereby the baby's health also my concern and my health issues also will be affected her.. kn? 'Makan jekla ape2 slagi boleh, nnt da bersalin..dlm pantang.. xde maknaye lagi'...Terngiang2 dgr suara org ckp benda yang sama...tapi of cozla daku xberani nk makan pelik2 kn..uhuhuh even now, mangga pon da xbape nk suka. :p Gladly, time pregnant, baby always hv the same taste of food as me. Baby pon xsuka doyan~ Me too dun like!

Whatever pon, this is what i get from
First of all, no matter what you weigh prior to pregnancy you must gain weight. Women who are clinically obese still need to gain at the minimum 11 pounds, and women who are underweight need to gain more than the average statement of 25-35 pounds, usually at least 10-15 pounds more depending on the severity of the weight problem. As in weight estimator table...


And what I did, I checked for the pregnancy weight gain estimator at From the summary, it says that 'You will probably gain 11.3 kgs - 15.9 kgs during your pregnancy.' So, my problems solved! hahaha (solve ke?) as stated, i've normal weight and should be gaining about 1.6kg- 2kg per months! Kne make sure that next time... gain dalam range itu! Huhhh semangat!!! Anyhow, most important here are few reminder for me, and mother-to-be out there too! 
  • Be concern bout your health
  • Eat healthy food!!! You dont want ur baby eating junk rite?! (uppsss sori if it's offensive)
  • Do execises though it's just a walk to the parking (it's me) or walking up and down the stairs (that's me too...coz i've to get my food supply downstairs hahahah)
  • Be positive about everything (best thing is stay away from getting annoyed by others..just plug in your earphone hahah and ignore them! sobsob if i could hv 1! encik nizam can I lend yours? Or... its better if I hv my own... ^o^)! :-p
  • Dont forget to smile!!! =)
  • Always concern and treat your partner well! Coz sometimes, some think that pregnancy is all 'me' that being pregnant, and 'me' is in emotional state or whatsoever. But, it's not right to only hv the spotlight to yourself. 'He' also hv the right to enjoy your pregnancy moment together with you. 'He' also wants to feel and know your condition as if he's in your shoe. Dont get too emotional, or even better...dont even start to be emotional. Share it together and love each other even more! 'Syurga isteri dibawah tapak kaki suami'... eloklah sentiasa bermaafan dgn suami, lebih2 lagi ketika mgandung!
I'm enjoying my pregnancy moment! Hope u all enjoying it too! 


ARNA said...

Saya ms pregnan suka mkn daging kambing n benda masam. x suka benda manis. Dapat baby boy :)

Puan Nurul said...

hehehhe sgt berbeza kn food craving utk bb boy n girl... :)