Monday, March 28, 2011

The Direction

This morning.... my bos YM-ed me...

Bos :What's ur direction after this?
Me : What choice do I have? Can u just email the detail and then we can make our decision
Bos : I dont have the direction to do so... Do u want to do Technical & Analysis Reporting?
Me :  Isn't it the NOC dept job?
Bos : There's no more NOC after this... 
Me : Hurm...U are managing the reporting team aren't you?
Bos : It's not final. Mayb someone else.
Me : (Haih...putarbelit apekah ini?) I dont know what to choose and what choice I have, but I think I can try and manage to do it.
Bos : Or do u want to involve in testing or project management? 
Me : (I think I've asked u, what choice do I hv but u resist to give any option... then now what? Haduih letih laa) Er.. i dont know what to choose.
Bos : Pikir cepat...or nk buat solat istikharah?
Me : (Hahhaha it's funny...) I think I buat solat istikharah dlu la...(seriously...)


Bole understand ke the conversation? This is a big thing. How can I make up my mind that fast....even so, what choice do I have. Am I angry at my bos? I would say Im not sure..coz he seems like unsure himself... But if it's not final, better not to discuss about it yet because it can cause a confusion... 

Actually, do I have to choose or the management has the right to assign me? Me...Konfius.
How can one expect others to understand what he's thinking?

I'm thinking and making decision...but what am I thinking? I dont know...